Local seo is known to every seo expert person. At first I want to you about search engine optimization. It short means seo. Now a days its very important for every website. Anyway, We are to be known about it.


What is local seo :

Local means specific address or area or region. Suppose I want to start a business in Dhaka. There Business in Dhaka means local business. So my business target audience must be in Dhaka. Then Local business expand that area. I want to sale my business products in this area. I have to realized This areas audience behavior. Then use that technique to reach my business news my target audience. This news reaching process is called local seo.


Benefits of Local seo :

  1. Easily reach your business news.
  2. To get target audience.
  3. Increase your sales.

Inferiority of Local seo:

  1. You have to bear extra charge.